Your mouth works like your warning system. You see, when something terrible is going on elsewhere in your body, your mouth can give you hints. It also helps in determining illnesses like diabetes, osteoporosis and even heart disease much earlier. However, your warning system will only become helpful if you are much willing to listen and heed its warning.


So for the next time, you are brushing your teeth, what red flags should you look? To help you know if your mouth is trying to tell you that something is wrong with your body, we provide a list below that highlights the most common symptoms that you might be experiencing. Keep in mind that your health may acquire severe troubles down the line if you keep on ignoring any of these signs.


  1. You spit blood when you’re brushing your teeth.


Having constant bleeding gums can be due to numerous things. For instance, brushing your teeth too hard or flossing it for the first time after a long hiatus of not performing so. However, you must talk to your Port Adelaide Dentist immediately if you consistently feel like a vampire whenever you brush your teeth. Take note that bleeding mouth is a significant indicator that something terrible is occurring in your body. Most of the time, the first sign that you are starting to develop a periodontal disease is bleeding gums.


  1. You suffer from loose teeth.


Your teeth must always feel secure and remain rooted in your mouth unless you are a young child. A giant red flag that it is already time for you to visit the dentist is when you notice that any of your teeth are loose. Keep in mind that all talking and chewing that happens once your tooth becomes loose can impact the integrity of the tooth. As a result, your teeth will more likely become damaged or fall out. That’s why as soon as you feel a wiggly or loose permanent tooth, you must visit the dentist immediately.


  1. You have persistent mouth sores or bumps.


Besides being unattractive, having mouth sores are uncomfortable too. Not to mention that it tends to always show up at the most inconvenient times. Activities in the body like infections, hormones and even stress are said to be the reason why mouth sore shows up. Among all types of mouth sores, the most common ones are the cold and canker sores.


You shouldn’t think twice to make an appointment with your Port Adelaide Dentist when you experience persistent mouth sores.


  1. You have recurring bad breath.

Everyone experiences having bad breath. However, it shouldn’t be something that occurs all the time. Both the physical and mental aspect of an individual is affected when he or she has bad breath. In social situations, bad breath not only breaks the confidence down, but it also creates social anxiety with the worry of offending someone. Thus, you should talk to your dentist immediately instead of living in fear of your bad breath.