Orthopedic Surgeons specialize in the skeletal system- the muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons that are vital to mobility and normal function. With over 200 bones in your body, it is an especially lucrative specialty. People in this profession to help prevent and treat a wide range of conditions and injuries, including fractures, dislocations, strains, sprains, sports injuries, injured knees or ankles, joint problems, bone and joint disorders, and disorders of the musculoskeletal systems (the nervous, vascular, immune, and endocrine systems). Orthopedic surgeon specialist Adelaide is responsible for treating patients with orthopedic injuries resulting from traumatic events such as falls, blunt trauma, penetrating trauma, burns, accidents, traumatic brain injury, neck or back pain, and spinal cord injuries.

Orthopedic Surgeon Specialist AdelaideSome conditions typically require orthopedic surgical techniques, but the exact techniques needed for every condition is different. For example, rheumatoid arthritis, which affects the connective tissues in the arms and legs, is frequently treated using minimally invasive techniques that include arthroscopic surgery, laser surgery, or freezing. If conservative treatment does not alleviate the symptoms, a surgeon may prescribe medications to reduce inflammation and recommend surgery to replace damaged cartilage. Surgery may be recommended if the patient is experiencing joint stiffness, severe pain, or other palpable signs of an arthritic condition.

Before a patient starts any surgical treatment, consult an orthopedic surgeon specialist Adelaide to determine the level of qualification, education, certification, and experience appropriate to the type of procedure. This is important because an inexperienced doctor cannot provide the specialized, in-depth treatment needed for some types of conditions. The surgeon should demonstrate years of specialization, advanced education, a thorough knowledge of current practice, a board certification, and outstanding performance in the field. Further, a doctor must have completed at least one year of residency training. Res residencies allow doctors to complete a period of specialized training, much like residencies found in medical school, to build upon their current skill set while gaining experience in new areas.

During the residency, the orthopedic surgeon specialist Adelaide will participate in a series of laboratory tests and procedures to diagnose and treat a patient’s physical problems. These tests include x-rays, MRIs, blood tests, CT scans, and bone scans. This is also the stage in which the doctor can decide whether surgery is indicated and how best to perform it. During the residency, the doctor will also learn about anesthesia, nutrition, and other specialty areas that focus on the specific problem being treated.

The orthopedic surgeon will then complete a four-year bachelor’s degree, which will require him or her to achieve mastery in all academic areas of medicine, including anatomy, biology, and chemistry. He or she will spend three years studying to become a practising doctor in a specific subspecialty. The last two years of the doctor’s education will focus on the surgical procedures they wish to perform. While attending an accredited college, he or she will complete an internship as well as one or two residencies in surgery. By completing these steps, a doctor can be assured that the orthopedic surgeon is well trained and ready to begin his or her career in orthopedics.