Is your business in need of some social media presence? Are you looking for some guidance in establishing a social media marketing campaign? Are you interested in collaborating with a social media marketing agency to manage your brand’s social media presence? If so, then you’ll need to consider several things before you can land the #1 social media marketing Adelaide agency. Consider these five factors below:

Determine What Social Media Platforms Are Ideal for Your Business

#1 social media marketing adelaideAs certified experts in the field, social media marketers can guide you as to which platforms are best for your website. They can show you which will work best for you based on your industry and social media goals. They’ll also be able to share their insights with you and decide whether you should be on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.  These professionals will also guide you through the amount of content that you should be putting out on each platform.

Review and Familiarize the Content Development Process

When hiring the #1 social media marketing Adelaide agency, one question that you should ask is how they create and develop their content. Do they write all the captions manually? Are they going to ask you to contribute on the content? How are they capturing imagery? Knowing the content development process of a prospective agency is essential to giving you an idea of how they establish curiosity and engagement among the people.

Determine How Involved You Need to be with the Social Media Marketing Agency

It’s an essential factor to determine the level of involvement that you need to have on the entire social media marketing process. Doing so will determine the right amount of time that you can allocate to this project. It’s also a way for you to determine the level of independence that a social media marketing agency has. If you’re a busy person, make sure you hire a social media marketing team that can be completely independent of you.

Understand What Metrics Are Most Important for Your Business

You need to understand the reporting process, as well as the social media metrics that are most important for your business. Will you receive a report from social media marketing every week? Quarterly? Yearly? At the same time, what key performance indicators (KPIs) can you expect to see in the report? Social media agency reporting is incredibly valuable. This document or presentation will give you an idea of the current status of your social media campaign. It will help determine the ups and downs of the project. That way, you can monitor it efficiently and make sure you get the most out of your brand’s social media presence.

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