The Makita line of power tools is a line of well-known brands that have been selling high-quality power tools for many years. Makita is a company which has a long history in the home improvement and craft business. The extensive product line of Makita MT series in Adelaide includes power tools that can be used by professionals or do-it-yourselfers alike.

The Makita MT series in Adelaide; continuing development and extensive research, big know-how and expertise from the manufacturing team. All of these include outstanding quality products, including ball-bearings construction.

makita-mt-series-in-adelaideThe construction features premium grade bearings which give the tool more stiffness and better overall power. Each power tool comes with an accessory kit, complete with case, nuts and bolts. Other features are:

    • The Makita MT series power tools use a unique dual-action trigger system, which is an innovative design in power tool safety. The trigger system features a second, side-swinging action that does not require you to hit your thumb on the hammer! With this feature, it eliminates the chance of accidentally activating the tool. This is important, especially if your hands are dirty or your nails are long. The dual-action trigger mechanism also minimizes injuries due to slipping and falling.
    • Another feature of the Makita m series power tools is its ergonomic design. It is designed in a way that it provides a comfortable grip on both the grip and the handle. This feature reduces the possibility of injuries as well as getting a bad ergonomic grip on the tool. If you are a professional at the job you’re at, it won’t hurt to invest in a better grip. Having a better grip means you have a better grip while working with the tool.
    • Another feature present in the Makita m series of power tools is its multi-purpose blades. Multiple jobs can be done with just one power tool. You can perform precision woodworking with a blade that has serrated edges for cutting through hard materials. You can also use it for cutting metal, plastics, and even ceramics with ease.

The Makita m series of power tools has many positive reviews. These tools are great for any home improvement project, as well as commercial applications. However, if you plan to purchase this series of power tools, make sure to purchase it from a trusted brand like Makita.