These two are terms that you have probably heard before, but what is the difference between a gardener and a landscaper Adelaide? Read on to find out.

Gardener and Landscaper are two different careers. Both require time and dedication. To be a gardener, you would have to complete all the requirements to become licensed and get an education in soil science, botany, landscaping, and other related subjects. Usually, landscapers already have experience in gardening.

landscaper AdelaideA gardener is an individual who gardens. They work with and grow their plants or flowers, weeds, trees, shrubs and forbs. On the other hand, Outscape Constructions landscapers are people who are responsible for landscaping your yard, garden, or home. They do not grow any plant life. They use tools to cut the plants down, re-seed them or help to mulch.

A gardener also needs knowledge about planting, culture, pruning, picking, pulling and many other plant management tools. Landscapers have experience working with soil, water, and pests. Some landscapers specialise in one area or another such as aquatic plants, house plants, water lilies, shrubs, annuals, perennials, cacti, and ferns.

A gardener has responsibilities such as; maintaining the garden; watering; taking care of pests; trimming; testing; etc. An Outscape Constructions landscaper Adelaide typically do tasks such as, installing stone gardeners, or water gardening; mowing, fertilising, etc. A gardener usually also does the landscaping of the exterior of your house. In contrast, landscapers will often do the same work but in more of an architectural sense, such as landscaping the exterior of your house.

A gardener also has responsibilities such as; tying plants together; picking; hanging; pruning; maintaining your garden, and taking care of pests. Landscapers will typically do all of these tasks, but will more focus on putting new flowers, trees, shrubs, and plants in your garden. There are different types of landscapers, but they each have various tasks and work styles.

An Outscape Constructions landscaper Adelaide also has a few different tasks including; installing stones; maintenance of outdoor stone surfaces; replacing and repairing stone surfaces; installation of ornamental trees; as well as trimming. These individuals are more creative in how they work, but they still need a lot of time and dedication to complete the work.

So, what is the difference between a gardener and a landscaper? They both are good jobs. However, they can be very different from each other.