Some people who suffer anxiety may not find relief over medication alone, or they might be even doubtful to try one. In recent days, the use of Calming Blankets can significantly help in handling anxiety.

From time to time, anxiety is a normal part of life, mainly before making a big decision, during a life change, or other periods of stress. However, anxiety disorders can trigger crippling feelings of fear, worry, or restlessness.

There are various ways on how to handle anxiety disorders. A combination of treatment, everyday life changes and other medications can significantly regulate the impact of anxiety and its symptoms. One example of such management that may help is the use of weighted blankets.

Bear in mind that the weight of Calming Blankets will vary depending on the user. For instance, children can use a smaller and lighter blanket. Weighted blankets are blankets lined with equally distributed weight.

Such a unique type of blanket is well-designed to be warm and to give soothing pressure to a person, imitating the feeling of being hug. The feel will undoubtedly provide a positive influence on people’s moods. Consequently, weighted blankets have increasingly become a trendy alternative means of fighting anxiety and other sensory disorders.

The even pressure from weighted blankets is said to mimic deep pressure touch stimulation which offers several benefits to the user. Such deep pressure touch has a soothing, calming effect on people’s moods. Comparably, weighted blankets have shown similar impacts for people with anxiety.

Weighted blankets have numerous positive effects on the body, which includes the following:

1 – It mimics a hug.

A study reveals that hugs can make a person feel relieved. The body releases the hormone oxytocin when people hug. Such hormone helps decrease blood pressure, slows the heart, and gives a sense of relaxation.

The heavy blanket for anxiety effectively imitates the warmth and security that a hug offers. Both the blanket and hug make use of a soothing, firm pressure that goes deep within the body, providing a feeling of relaxation that lets the body to calm down.

2 – It aids in the release of serotonin.

Researchers show that pressure put on the body in specific areas causes the release of chemicals in the brain, which includes serotonin, that triggers a decrease in stress while enhancing mood.

3 – It helps release melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone that stimulates sleep and helps manage the sleep cycle. This hormone helps with the production of serotonin. The pressure that prompts the body to produce this chemical will also lead to the creation of melatonin.

4 – It can help in improving sleep.

The pressure of the heavy blanket for anxiety can give a comfy atmosphere for a person to fall asleep. The blanket will undoubtedly create a feeling of being wrapped, and the physical connection that the person feels with the blanket provides a sense of warmth and protection. And as a result, the mind relieves, and the body can relax.