Drain relining is now an option to the traditional drain maintenance techniques. It’s more economical and cleaner than conventional repair. The damaged pipe is first filled with a flexible liner then pushed back through it using a die. The flexible liner then to the pipe is cured with cold water. Once cured, it can be screwed back into position and re-used for many years to come.

For most pipes that have been damaged by hydrostatic pressure or other reasons, Drain Relining Melbourne is a fast and economical solution to restore drainage. These pipes generally have a very long narrow neck but wide open ends. Therefore, they usually have several smaller holes lined up on one side by a large polyethylene lining.

The polyethylene lining is then screwed into place, preferably along the outside of the narrowed opening. This polyethylene lining also protects against slippage while extending the life of the pipes. Drainage systems are now made in many different shapes and sizes, but all pipes used for sewer and stormwater drainage must have a liner. Many smaller sized pipes are built without a liner, but these are usually referred to when discussing drain relining services.

When excavation is required to install drainage pipes, a new drain line needs to be constructed. The size of the new line depends on the length of the old, damaged pipes. After excavation, the new line needs to be secured to the earth. Most contractors use a steel brace to do this, but some use concrete or asphalt to accomplish the same end. With the increasing popularity of modern technology and equipment, many companies now perform excavation, liner fitting and actual drain relining work.

Drain Relining MelbourneWith more technological advances, the process for drain relining has become faster and more efficient. Previously, if you needed repairs on your sewer pipes, you would have to hire an entire crew to do the job. This added to the repairs’ costs because the workers would need to pay their own benefits and would probably not receive a good deal on labour. When it comes to sewer and stormwater systems, many contractors perform the job. Some of these contractors are general contractors, and others specialise in the only drain relining work. Choose a specialised contractor to complete the job. They will be able to complete the project quickly and efficiently without any additional problems arising from poor installation.

Before any of the Drain Relining Melbourne work begins, the sewer line is prepared for the new lining material. For this purpose, trenches are dug throughout the water flow area, typically one foot below grade.

Once the soil is in place, the contractor will create a foundation for the new drain pipes and then set up the actual drain relining task. Two types of pipes are usually united; curbside and non-combustible. The PVC pipes are considered non-combustible pipes because they can withstand hydrostatic pressure when placed in the ground. The main problem with non-combustible piping is that they are often placed above the concrete surface, leading to frost heave and shrinkage. Frost heave can occur if water flow through the piping is slow and constant. Shrinkage can also occur if the plumbing drain pipe is not installed correctly.

Drainage systems need to be preserved for future generations. Drainage maintenance is essential for the long-term health of your drainage system. Properly maintained drainage systems to prevent the need for augmentation that can result from faulty installation or natural damages. You can choose to have CCTV camera systems installed for all of your drains to monitor your drains’ condition. You can also opt to have the CCTV cameras attached to CCTV monitoring equipment placed at strategic points around your premises.