Cleaning a Mannix wall furnace heater is a reasonably essential yet straightforward task that you should consider before and after the winter months – the time when the furnace is used more. A dirty wall furnace will make your environment unhealthy. It will require you to clean and dust your home all day, which would be a much bigger effort. Two types of filters can be used in a furnace.



Both permanent and temporary types of filter can be cleaned using the following techniques.


First, when you decide to clean your wall furnace heater, you need to make a list of the items you need. You will need a screwdriver to open the panel, a disposable filter to replace the old filter, sponges, cotton swabs and toothpicks.


However, the most essential tool you need is a good vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the particles of dust and dirt. The most suitable vacuum cleaner is the one with the detachable assembly and flexible tubing or hose. Using a mask, protect yourself from inhaling dust through your mouth and nose. As always, before starting, make sure the power is off. This will prevent any accident due to electricity.


  • Clean the front panel, removing all the dirt.
  • Using a screwdriver, undo the screws to remove the panel.
  • Clean the back of the panel and move to the filter.


Disposable Filters

  • If you have a temporary or disposable filter, there is no need to make the extra effort, you just have to replace it with a new one and reattach the panel.


Permanent Filters

  • If you have a permanent filter, you will need to use a vacuum cleaner to unclog the filter.
  • If there are stubborn dust particles, use a sponge.
  • If you have a washable filter, remove it and use the pressure from a water hose to clean and unclog the filter.
  • After cleaning the filter, let it dry outside. Most permanent filters have holes that speed up the drying process.

While waiting for the filter to dry, use brushes and a sponge to clean the rest of the furnace.

If there are stubborn particles in that resist cleaning, you can use toothpicks to remove them.


You can also clean the motor and blowers if you wish, but be careful not to splash water all over the furnace. Electrical appliances often shorten their lives if water gets in the motor. Once you have finished all interior cleaning and your filter is dry, return all items to their original position. Never put a wet filter inside. Replace the lid by screwing it back.


Now just sit back, relax and enjoy your clean environment brought to you by the excellent cleaning job you did on your Mannix wall furnace heater!