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The Importance of Factory Cleaning Services

As a manufacturing business, you can’t afford to overlook the importance of factory cleaning services. They help you maintain a healthy, safe work environment. Improved hygiene practices improve employee health and safety and even boost your bottom line. Maintenance service contracts can help you implement cleaner and safer processes and make your cleaning schedule run more smoothly. These services can also provide you with the necessary equipment, such as specialised equipment that complies with strict hygienic standards.

CFM factory cleaning MelbourneBesides providing a hygienic environment for your workers, factory cleaning services also keep your machines and tools in good condition. They can even help you maintain machinery, which can be a real pain. After all, you don’t want your employees to come back from a break in a hospital or a work shift only to find that they are ill. By using a CFM factory cleaning Melbourne service, you can eliminate the risk of infection while improving the efficiency of your business.

As a business owner, the importance of factory cleaning is crucial. They provide a hygienic environment for your workers, but they also help limit employee distractions and increase productivity. The specialists who handle these tasks often have a wide range of knowledge about the products and techniques that are most effective for specific environments. They can also offer you advice on how to improve hygiene in your workplace and will help you meet new government guidelines relating to workplace hygiene.

In addition to keeping a factory clean, CFM factory cleaning Melbourne services also ensure a healthy workplace for your employees. A clean and hygienic work environment benefits employees and customers. The most important factor in keeping a factory clean is to keep the environment as sanitary as possible. To do this, the facility must be free of dust and bacteria. A dirty factory is dangerous for the workers. Investing in a cleaning service ensures the safety and a healthier workplace for your employees.

Factory cleaning services should be part of your daily routine, whether in a small office or a large manufacturing facility. A factory’s floors are usually made of concrete, and they are resistant to dirt, grime, and moisture. However, a factory’s floor needs to be sanitised from time to avoid instant foot spots. Hence, it is important to hire factory cleaning services. In addition, a manufacturing company needs to maintain a hygienic environment for employees and customers.

As a manufacturing company, you should pay close attention to your factory’s cleanliness. A dirty environment can lead to human error, slower turnarounds in production, and even decreased productivity. So, it’s important to hire factory cleaning services. You’ll be happier and more efficient in the long run. In addition, the more hygienic your work environment is, the more productive it will be for you. A dirty workplace is no business.

Factory cleaning services should be part of your production schedule. They provide a safe working environment for employees, reducing the risk of infections. Additionally, factory cleaning services should be part of the factory’s health and safety policy. The government’s health guidelines should be followed, and factory cleaning services comply. It’s important to follow hygienic rules and policies. If you don’t, your employees might become sick.

Factory cleaning services should become a daily practice. They need to be able to keep a factory as clean as possible, and they need to have the right equipment to do so. They should also be able to provide you with the necessary training to make it work effectively. It is imperative to use the correct cleaning tools and methods for factory cleaning. If you want to be able to clean your factory properly, you should hire a factory cleaning service.

Hiring factory cleaning services is a good idea if you’re tired of the routine of running your business. After all, it’s important to minimise the risk of unpleasant smells and infestations and contamination of the products produced. You can find checklist templates online, but they might not be curated for your specific needs. So instead, take a walk through your factory and note what needs to be cleaned and what is not worth spending your time on.

Family Law Lawyers

A lawyer has many duties and responsibilities. They may represent clients in court, advise them on legal issues, and prepare documents and pleadings. A good attorney must objectively evaluate information and analyse the case in detail to give the best possible defence and recommendation. An attorney must also be familiar with applicable laws and regulations and have the know-how to research them for the best results. As a result, they are an invaluable asset to the legal profession.

family lawyer PerthTGBLawyers family law attorneys are an essential part of any legal team. Those who practice in this field typically represent clients in divorce and other family law matters. In addition, they often specialise in child custody and foster care. The emotional nature of family law cases makes it necessary for these professionals to be well-versed in all aspects of the law. Often, each spouse hires an attorney to represent their interests in the divorce case. The family lawyer Perth helps devise a settlement plan so that a trial is unnecessary. In addition, they can propose child custody and other child support orders to the court.

Family law lawyers can represent both sides of a case. They can handle high conflict custody and legal decision-making issues, such as relocation, child support, and paternity. They can also handle prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and draft and negotiate them. In some cases, the attorneys can even negotiate or draft prenuptial agreements for their clients. These lawyers also assist with the division of pensions and employee stock options. They can even act as mediators or appeals.

TGBLawyers family lawyer Perth can handle children, parental responsibility, and surrogacy cases. These issues can be difficult to resolve and require the assistance of a family law attorney. These lawyers can negotiate on your behalf and help you obtain the best outcome for your situation. A good attorney can save you valuable time and money. The only issue you need to consider is whether you want to pursue this career path. So, it is wise to consult a lawyer early in the process.

A family law attorney can help you navigate these complicated situations. They can help you with child custody issues and other important legal issues involving the children. This type of attorney will help you work through the legal process and determine the best outcomes. TGBLawyers family lawyer Perth will also be able to help you with the appeal process. In addition to providing legal advice, family law attorneys also provide mediation services and can resolve complex cases. If you are considering a career in family law, you may wish to research the various schools in your area.

In addition to a family law attorney, a lawyer will be able to assist you with a range of legal issues, including cases involving adoption. The attorneys will help you decide if the children will stay in the relationship after the divorce. Aside from the attorneys, you should also consider hiring a private investigator if you have a question about the process. A private detective can help you to settle a case. A family law attorney will help you with this.

If you’re involved in a family law case, it is important to choose a lawyer who can help you reach a fair settlement. It is especially important if the case involves children. In addition to helping you settle, a family law attorney can help you protect your rights and your future. In most cases, a lawyer will not charge for their services unless they are necessary. If a family law attorney is not helpful, they will not work for you. A divorce lawyer will not greatly influence the outcome of your case.

A family lawyer Perth is a person who handles legal affairs. For example, they handle divorce cases, guardianship cases, and other family-related issues. The lawyers are usually self-employed and work as mediators, but larger law firms can also hire them. Consider your options if you’re considering hiring a lawyer for your family law case. You’ll be glad you chose the TGBLawyers family law attorney that best fits your needs.

The job of a TGBLawyers family lawyer Perth differs from one country to another. While many attorneys earn a regular annual salary, some choose to volunteer their services for nonprofit organisations. These attorneys are pro bono lawyers, and their services are performed for the common good. While traditionally serving the poor, pro bono work has expanded to include environmental causes.

What You Should Know About Power Tools

The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets power tools. It is a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries, based in Hong Kong. Other companies the company own include AEG, Ryobi, Dirt Devil, Hoover, Vax, and Vax Professional. Read on to learn about the company and its products. You can also check out their website to find the best deal for your needs. Click this important link for more details.

Milwaukee power toolsIf you have any problems with your Milwaukee power tools, you can visit their website and submit an online form. The company will help you solve your problem quickly and effectively. The company has a certified factory to repair your tools and use genuine Milwaukee parts. If the product you’re buying has a problem, you’ll be able to get it fixed quickly. You don’t have to worry about the warranty lapse. If you have any questions, you can contact the company’s customer service team. They’ll be happy to assist you with your product.

The Milwaukee FUEL line of power tools was developed for heavy-duty applications. These tools are built with a POWERSTATE Brushless Motor, a key component of any Milwaukee tool. In addition, its battery packs have an extended life, which makes it perfect for any jobsite. Besides the FUEL line of tools, the M18 FUEL line has a REDLITHIUM Battery Pack to charge your tool faster and longer.

The Milwaukee power tool comes with a limited warranty and a free return shipping policy regardless of the tool’s age. You can return any damaged or defective Milwaukee tools during the warranty period. Most of the tools carry a two-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee. If a warranty does not cover the tool, you can send it to a service centre where you can get it repaired for a fraction of the cost. Click this important link for more details.

Milwaukee power tools are ideal for professional construction workers. These rugged power tools have been helping American workers earn a living for decades. Cordless and brushed motors are available depending on your specific needs. So whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, Milwaukee power tools are a perfect choice. The range of tools is endless, so you won’t need a drill to get started. Instead, you can find something you love.

These tools are made to last. The Milwaukee M18 saw is an example of a high-quality power tool. The M18 saw it is equipped with Jobsite Armor Technology, a proprietary composite material construction material that maximizes the lifespan of your saw. It also includes LED lights, which light up your work space and reduce vibration. If you’re unsure which Milwaukee power tool is the right one for your needs, you can always talk to a Milwaukee representative.

If you need repairs for your Milwaukee power tools, you can use their lightning Max Repair Program. If your Milwaukee tool is damaged or needs to be repaired, you can have it serviced for a fee by a factory-certified technician. You can also take advantage of the Milwaukee Lightning Max Repair Program if your tool has been damaged by misuse or is out of warranty. This program is designed to ensure that your tools are as efficient as possible.

The M18 Milwaukee power tool has multiple functions. It allows you to build a customized catalogue based on your needs and preferences. You can also use its customizable features to build a catalogue focused on the end-user. The M18 Milwaukee power tool has a lightweight and compact design, making it easy to use in tight spaces. Unlike many other types of power tools, it is easy to hold. Its lightweight design and durable construction allow you to store it anywhere you need it.

In the 1990s, Milwaukee developed a line of mitre saws and expanded their line by producing 18-volt Contractor Cordless tools. These new tools were powered by the same battery and charger system, making them even more flexible and convenient. Today, Milwaukee is one of the leading power tools and accessories manufacturers. They are widely recognized because of their brand names, which can be easily recognized as high-quality tools. These tools are available for professionals in many markets, including construction sites, manufacturing shops, and industrial settings. Click this important link for more details.



Should You Hire a Roof Repair Specialist?

If you have damaged roofing on your home or business, you may want to consider getting it repaired. A professional can help you with this, as they are experienced in this field and will do it right the first time. It will ensure that your roof is restored properly, so you can be sure that it will last for years to come. If you are unsure whether to go in for a new roof or a roof repair Adelaide, it is better to hire a professional. For more information about roof repair maintenance, check out now.

roof repair AdelaideA professional roof repair Adelaide specialist can provide several services for your home or business. Depending on the damage, they can replace your existing roof or reinstall an old one. They can also clean your roof using high pressure to restore it to its original appearance. As a result, you’ll be guaranteed a fully sealed and weatherproofed roof to protect your home or business. If you’re unsure whether your roof needs repairs, you should consider getting a free quote.

Depending on the severity of the problem, roof repair Adelaide can be a significant expense. Most homeowners want their roofs repaired as soon as possible, as the longer you wait, the more expensive they will be. If you’re in the market for a new roof, the best option is to get it repaired by a professional. It will guarantee that you won’t have to spend a fortune on a new roof. It’s also worth paying a little more for a roof replacement, especially if the damage is not severe. For more information about roof repair maintenance, check out now.

If you’re looking for a roof repair Adelaide, you’ll need to find a company with extensive experience. Generally, rotted shingles and damaged flashing are the most obvious signs of a problem. But more subtle signs of a problem could be a clogged gutter or missing pavers. You may need a complete roof restoration, or the repairs may be covered under warranty. A qualified expert can help you determine the cause of the problem and fix it.

Whether you need a roof repair Adelaide, it is important to get it done correctly. If your roof is leaking, it is important to find a reliable company to address it as soon as possible. It’s not only important to have a beautiful roof, but you should also ensure that it’s sturdy and free of debris. If you leak, it is crucial to take care of it as quickly as possible.

Looking for a professional roof repair Adelaide, look no further than RoofworX. They’ll inspect your roof for leaks and other damage before you notice it. Apart from fixing the leak, they’ll also inspect the rest of the roofing system and identify any other consequential issues. This way, you can be assured that your home’s roof will be in top condition, and you won’t have to worry about your home’s safety in the meantime.

There are several reasons why you might need to get a roof repaired. While it may be tempting to do it yourself, a professional will save you a lot of trouble. A professional will exactly know what to do, and they’ll be able to get the job done quickly and affordably. If you need a roof repair Adelaide, you can contact these experts today. If your roof needs repairs, they’ll provide you with an estimate and a price for the repair. For more information about roof repair maintenance, check out now.

Having a professional do the repairs for you is a good idea. You don’t want to spend more money than you have to, so you’ll want to get it done as soon as possible. A professional will also ensure that you have the best roofing material for your needs. It would help if you always considered a professional when you need roof repair Adelaide. A good company will give you a quote within 24 hours.

The Importance of Building Inspections

There are two types of building inspections: VIP+. A VIP+ inspection is performed on occupied dwellings, and it requires a homeowner to provide additional information. A VIP+ requires a scheduled field visit that the CBO must approve in advance. A VIP+ inspection is performed by a building inspector who will email the homeowner a checklist to be filled out before the scheduled field visit. These inspections are important for ensuring the safety of occupants.

building inspectionsA building inspection is a required step before the construction of a building. These inspections are conducted by a building inspector who is an expert in the field. Depending on the location, facade inspections may be required by certain cities and counties or considered mandatory by some municipalities. These inspections are usually conducted by engineers and maybe a separate service or part of a contracted building inspection. However, these are often performed without the utmost care and diagnosis. A commercial builder’s home must pass these tests to receive a certificate of occupancy.

A building inspector will review a variety of documents during the inspection. Typically, they will review the building plans, appraisals, and construction permits. A building inspector will also review a building’s fire safety system and any other systems that may be necessary for it to function safely. It is also possible for the inspector to review the reports of an already completed inspection. A commercial builder’s home must pass these tests to receive a certificate of occupancy.

After the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems have completed a building inspection. The inspector will also inspect the structure for any potential problems. A final inspection will be completed if the inspector determines that the structure is safe to occupy. There are several levels of ICC certified inspectors, and these credentials vary widely. However, regardless of which level of certification a building inspector holds, a building inspector’s job description and qualifications are the same.

The building inspector must check the structure before allowing it to be occupied. Strata managers, body corporations, and builders usually request a building inspector when planning new construction or making a structural or civil design modification. A council may also require a building inspection to ensure that the work is done correctly and will not damage. Additionally, an inspector can evaluate a structure that a natural disaster has damaged.

A building inspector will review various documents during an inspection. A building inspector will look for problems that have been present for a long time. A building inspection will reveal whether or not there are any major issues. This will give you an idea of which areas need further attention. The building inspector will also provide you with a detailed report on the structure’s condition. This will allow you to make an informed decision on the project’s safety and functionality.

A building inspector can conduct several types of inspections. A typical inspection may involve a visual examination of a property to ensure it meets code requirements. A professional building inspector will also ensure that the structure is safe and constructed according to safety regulations. In addition, the inspector will review the structure for damage if it is new construction. A professional building inspector will also check whether there are any cracks in the walls or roof.

A building inspector will review a variety of documents during the inspection. Typically, they will review the building plans, appraisals, and construction permits. A building inspector will also review a building’s fire safety system and any other systems that may be necessary for it to function safely. It is also possible for the inspector to review the reports of an already completed inspection. A commercial builder’s home must pass these tests to receive a certificate of occupancy.

A building inspector is a professional who performs inspections of buildings. A building inspector’s duties include evaluating the structural design of a property. They may also check the exterior of a property. In addition to performing building inspections, a building inspector may also examine the facade of a building. If the inspector finds a structural problem, they will contact a professional engineer and recommend an immediate repair. However, a façade inspection will not be an engineer’s diagnosis and analysing of the building’s condition.

Building inspections may be required for commercial buildings. In some cases, building inspectors may be required to be certified by the state government. In some states, it is necessary to be certified by the International Code Council to carry out this task. In other states, a building inspector can be a member of the ICC. Regardless of which level of certification a building inspector holds, the job description and qualifications of a building inspector are the same. There are many certifications available, and the ICC certification is usually available. If you consider getting a building inspection for your home, you should know that it will be necessary to pay the fee.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimisation

One of the most important things to do when promoting a website on the internet is to incorporate the right keywords. Earlier, search engines ranked sites by their keyword density, which meant that keyword stuffing was often the result. This practice was unsustainable and often left websites buried in search results. But thanks to advances in search engine algorithms, this no longer seems to be an issue. There are ways to improve your site’s Adelaide SEO without spending a fortune.

Adelaide SEOOne of the benefits of SEO is that it promotes a higher degree of brand recognition among potential customers. Consumers are more likely to make an informed decision after reading reviews, and SEO helps websites rank for relevant searches. The second benefit is that it helps your website get more traffic. As more people spend more time online, it’s critical to have a high-quality website to attract customers. So, in addition to a higher search engine ranking, SEO can also help your website become more recognisable by generating more high-quality traffic.

Search engine optimisation can be effective for any business. SEO can improve your website’s visibility and boost your sales when implemented properly. When used correctly, Adelaide SEO techniques can help a business reach more potential customers and increase sales. In addition to this, users who find a brand on a search engine are more likely to share its content on social media sites. So it can only help your business grow. There are hundreds of SEO companies in the US and Europe as of 2006.

In 2007, Google held 75% of the global search market. As of 2007, Google had a market share of between 85 and 90%. In the UK, Google was an 86% market share in June 2008, and it was close to 90% in Germany in 2007. By the end of 2007, this was still a large market share.

SEO techniques are important for businesses in many ways. In the US, for instance, Google had a 75% market share of searches. In the UK, that percentage was close to 90%. In 2006, there were several hundred SEO firms in the US. Moreover, in Germany, there were hundreds of SEO firms. As of June 2008, Google had a nearly 90% market share in the UK. Therefore, businesses need to optimise their websites for search engines.

SEO is an important part of digital marketing. It can increase brand visibility and generate more revenue. In addition, it can improve a website’s mobile friendliness and crawlability. So, SEO can help a business save significant money compared to paid channels. However, if a website is not optimised, there is a strong chance that it will be ranked below the organic listings. So, it’s crucial to optimise a site for search engines to increase its ranking.

Search engine optimisation has many benefits for small businesses. Building a website with high-quality content can attract visitors to your website. It can increase your sales. Ensuring that your site’s content is optimised for search engines increases the chances of your site being seen by potential customers. Adelaide SEO can help your business grow. When implemented correctly, it can improve your brand visibility and drive more revenue than ever before.

Search engine optimisation is important for a business to stay competitive. In 2006, there were hundreds of SEO companies in the US alone. By the time you’re reading this, you’ve probably already realised that SEO can help your business increase its sales and profits. In other words, it can improve your brand visibility and increase your sales. When you do this, you’ll have more customers.

By incorporating search engine optimisation, your business can optimise its content for the target market. The goal is to appear first in search results, which means that higher rankings increase the chances of your content being clicked. Therefore, it is essential to boost sales and brand visibility. This process is also critical for SEO for small businesses. In 2006, there were hundreds of SEO firms in the US alone. And that was just the beginning. With SEO, a website can reach potential customers anywhere in the world.

Wildfire Boots – NFPA 1977-Certified

Whether you’re a firefighter, a police officer, or a front-line emergency responder, you’ll want to make sure your boots meet the guidelines for protective clothing and equipment used in fighting wildfires. The NFPA 1977 specifies the requirements for firefighting boots. To find the right ones for your job, shop for the latest styles online from top brands such as Wildfire Shoes.

Boots by Wildfire ShoesNFPA-certified boots by Wildfire Shoes are great for remote work or urban settings. Designed for protection against heat, water, chemical, fuel, and oil, these boots provide firefighters and emergency responders a full range of protection and comfort. They are made with Sun Reflect leather and a CROSSTECH inner liner for moisture absorption. These are ideal for firefighters working in the wild and may cost a few dollars more than standard work boots.

A pair of boots by Wildfire Shoes will last up to two years. The Fuego is a lightweight mountaineering-style boot with steel-toe protection. Unlike traditional logger styles, these boots don’t absorb heat well. Moreover, they don’t rebuild their inner soles, so you may need more than one pair if they get destroyed by fire. If you’re looking for a sturdy firefighting boot, you might want to consider buying a Scarpa Glacier instead.

The Scarpa Glacier is a sturdy pair of wildland fire boots. Its glued soles can withstand temperatures around 500°F. In addition, the Scarpa Glacier is a more affordable option. Both the Fuego and the Flashpoint II are made with steel-toes and are available in many styles. Regardless of their quality, these are great for firefighters. But make sure you check their specifications and read the reviews before buying.

The Fuego is a sturdy choice for outdoor adventures for those on a budget. This hiking boot is comfortable and will stay on your feet during even the hottest conditions. It has a breathable mesh upper and a breathable EXA-injected 3D Cage to secure your foot in place. The soft OrthoLite footbed is an ideal fit for all kinds of activities.

Despite the price, this brand’s boots are worth every penny. This company offers a wide range of styles and prices. The Scarpa Glacier is priced between $290 and $370. They are also sold in retail stores and online. These boots are a must-have for firefighters and other workers. If you’re a firefighter, you can wear them anywhere you need to. This rugged mountaineering boot is a great choice for working outdoors.

The Missoula series is the best hiking boot. It has a heat-resistant cement sole and is ideal for uneven terrain. It also has a removable foot arch, so you can adapt it to fit your feet perfectly. Its price ranges from $430 to $480, depending on the brand and model. And if your budget is limited, you can always get them custom made. This is a great way to ensure they’re exactly what you need.

What Is Paint Protection?

Paint protection in Adelaide is a service offered by a dedicated dealer network of specialists who apply the latest techniques for achieving the best results for your vehicle. A specialist can also help you determine the right solution for your vehicle’s needs based on the type of surface and colour of the paint. These services can help you enhance your vehicle’s overall look and performance. For example, if you want to enhance the value of your car, consider adding a high-performance interior surface coating to the interior.

Adelaide paint protectionThere are many different types of Adelaide paint protection, but the most popular method is Clear Shield. It covers the exposed surfaces of the vehicle and protects them from stone chips, bug impacts, and other potential damage. It is ideal for vehicles driven on interstate truck routes or local car enthusiasts. In addition, the film doesn’t need to be removed while washing the car, making it an ideal option for people who work on the road a great deal. The company uses XPEL Ultimate Plus and XPEL Stealth, both globally tried and highly recommended.

Paint Protection Adelaide offers three types of ceramic coatings. The most popular is the Twin Pack Ceramic Coating. The other is Acrylic Coating, which protects the entire surface. In addition to exterior surfaces, the acrylic Adelaide paint protection film protects the interiors of your vehicle. Finally, the Opti-Coat Pro+ ceramic car paint protection coating is available for professional use only. These products are identifiable by their chrome label. It makes it easy to spot them at a glance.

In the meantime, you can opt for a more sophisticated solution such as Clear Shield. It covers the covered parts of your vehicle and protects them from stones and bug impacts. It is suitable for use on interstate truck routes and local car shops and doesn’t need to be removed while washing your car. The products used by Adelaide paint protection are XPEL Ultimate Plus and XPEL Stealth, both of which are trialled internationally.

Clear Shield is the ultimate solution for paint protection. It covers the exposed surfaces of your car and protects them from stone chips, bug impacts, and other environmental hazards. The film can be easily removed when washing your car and is compatible with all cars. Opti-Coat is available for professional use only. An Opti-Coat Authorised Dealer is a locally owned independent business that supplies and installs XPEL Ultimate Plus and Stealth products.

XPEL Ultimate Plus provides the ultimate paint protection for your car. It protects the painted surfaces from stone chips and bugs and is suitable for interstate truck routes and local shops. In addition, you can wash your vehicle without worrying about the XPEL product’s harmful chemicals. You can opt for XPEL Ultimate Plus or XPEL Stealth for more advanced solutions. This innovative technology has international trials and is the most effective way to protect your car.

WAKE UP – Get your horses ready to go!!

The Arabian Valley Horse Club (AVHC) is an affiliate of the Arabian Horse Society of Australia. We aim to provide an avenue for Arabian horse breeders and performance horses to compete and exhibit their horses in South East Queensland.

We also work towards connecting people looking for information or events related to Arabian horses in Australia.

Our committee is very proud of our Flagship Show – THE ARABIAN GALA EVENT

WAKE UP – Get your horses ready to go!!

We’re going to have a show.

So – we are starting planning for a show. The committee will meet on the 9th of February to commence planning. Please let the committee know by emailing if you have any ideas you would like the committee to consider.
We will be able to field questions in time, and expect to post detailed instructons regarding attendance at the show, once some intial planning decisions have been made.

Wake Up


The AGM of the AVHC was held at Jimboomba Golf Club on Saturday evening the 9th of June. The atmosphere was charged with positive, friendly energy, and motivation.

All of the committee, that were able to continue duties were re-nominated, and happily accepted their appointments.

Several new committee members joined the club and we look forward to their contributions. The committee are sad to see Jason leave for other committments. His expertise will be missed and we look forward to his return when he is able.

The outgoing president (and incoming) made a rousing speech on the achievements of the club and the value of the co-operation the committee.

The new committe members have been updated on the Committee page.


Queensland racked up quite a few champion ribbons at the Australian National Championships. Please e-mail us to confirm any other Champions from Queensland, and we will add it in.
Purebred Halter
Arabian Filly 2 & 3 years – Bremervale Bey Ellusion
Arabian Stallion 4 years and over – Baranski

Partbred Halter
Yearling Arabian Warmblood Unanimous Champion – Warrawee Veeana – Owned by Natasha Whiteman
Yearling Partbred Arabian Gelding, Filly or Colt – Chelleason Gold Leaf

Warrawee Veeana
Performance Classes
Arabian Mare or Gelding 4 yrs & over ehibited by a youth – Bullion
Arabian Mare Ridden – Stapylton Park D’Aliance
Amateur Rider 18 years & Over – Veronica Mortimer
Arabian Mare ridden by amature owner 18 years & over – Stapylton Park D’Aliance
Arabian Bridle Path Hack Over 14.2hh ridden by amateur owner 18 years & over – Stapylton Park D’Aliance
Arabian/Derivative Show Hunter Galloway over 14hh n.e. 15hh ridden by amateur owner 18 years & over
– Stapylton Park D’Aliance
Arabian Gelding Ridden – Bullion

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