Breast reduction mammoplasty is generally the cosmetic plastic surgery procedure to reduce the overall size of large natural breasts. In a Breast Reduction Adelaide procedure for reshaping a more proportional natural bust line, an incision is made in the areola (the darkened area surrounding the nipple), and the underlying breast tissue is then reduced. This is then positioned underneath the chest muscle.

After a Breast Reduction Adelaide is performed, there will be a noticeable difference between the original and new sizes. The breasts’ natural and surgically reduced size will be evident from several weeks to several months post-surgery. Women who have had this procedure often remark that their breasts feel firmer and seem to “fit better.” However, several weeks after surgery, the breasts may feel sore, and there may be some discomfort. In addition, over time, the breasts may feel more full and appear larger than before the operation.

Many medical professionals agree that breast reduction generally does not increase a woman’s chances of developing breast cancer, as many women believe. However, it can be possible that the surgical reduction of large breasts causes damage to the underlying pectoral muscle or lymphatic system. This can result in pain and other problems down the road.

During the operation itself, you will be sedated and anesthetised. The anesthesia used by the surgeon will numb the area around the incision sites, so you do not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. An anesthetic is not required for breast reduction, but it will prevent you from feeling pain or discomfort during the recovery period. A topical anesthetic is often used pre-operation to help with pain management. It can be used later if you choose.

After a breast reduction, the skin will be stitched back tightly, typically with a short scar. You may be given pain medication, but most patients report that the surgical site is sore and swollen for several days post-operative. Therefore, you will need to take the appropriate pain medication as instructed by your surgeon and remain fully alert to your healing progress. You may be given an extra day of rest after surgery and advised to keep moving during the first few weeks.

A small scar will be present at the incision site after breast reduction, and your clothing will hide this for several weeks. Most patients report that their new shape and profile look more natural than before the procedure, and most opt not to have any additional plastic surgery. Instead, a reputable plastic surgeon removes excess fat from around the breasts with a technique called liposuction. Your cosmetic surgeon will determine the best Breast Reduction Adelaide method for your specific circumstances.