Bottle recycling Adelaide is a fantastic way to help reduce the volume of unwanted plastic waste that finds its way down landfills each year. Most people mistakenly believe that there’s too much plastic waste in the world already. However, by simply recycling all of your plastic bottles at home, you’re taking a big step towards minimizing the quantity of plastic waste that inevitably ends up in landfill sites across the country. A lot of this plastic trash comes from individual bottle consumers like you.

bottle recycling AdelaideYou may think that bottle recycling Adelaide isn’t feasible because of the number of glass and plastic bottles at landfills every year. However, that’s not true. The truth is that both glass and plastic bottles can be recycled in this city. Just look at the huge billboard outside of the Glass Bottle Recycling Shop in City Centre Adelaide. If you walk past that billboard, you’ll see that it’s possible to recycle glass bottles as well as plastic bottles! That’s because Adelaide takes pride in recycling everything, even when it doesn’t make sense.

Of course, you can always ship your new plastics and glass bottles to one of the bottle recycling centres in Adelaide. These centres do receive tons of recycled products every day. Many of those items come directly from your home, and they’re certainly no doubt full of fun and good memories for you and your family. Once you bring those containers back to these recycling centres, they take those plastics and glass bottles and break them down even further. The useful pieces are removed, recycled, and made into new products for your home or business.

Because Adelaide is a big city, there’s plenty of room for other types of bottle recycling in the city as well. For instance, many people in Adelaide have their old metal drinking water bottles dumped into a landfill nearby. The problem with dumping those bottles in landfills is that those chemicals will seep into the groundwater system and harm the surrounding soil and plants. Of course, that is if those landfills continue to be operated. With the increasing concerns about global warming, it’s important to reduce your carbon footprint, and the best way to do that is to reuse it whenever possible.

The bottle recycling program in Adelaide even provides incentives for residents who choose to recycle their plastics and glass bottles instead of throwing them away. If you choose to recycle your bottles by donating them to the recycling centre, you can get a tax deduction when you file your taxes. If you choose to use reused materials in your home, you can enjoy rebates on your energy bills. In many cases, those who choose bottle recycling Adelaide also get a credit on their credit card for shopping at certain vendors and not paying full price for their purchases.